Monday, 19 October 2009

eBay: change Best Match to Time Ending Soonest

I don't know about you, but since eBay changed the search defaults to Best Match I've found searching for items pretty annoying.

To change the search defaults from Best Match to Time Ending Soonest follow these steps:

1. search for an item as you would normally

2. at the top of the search results in the bar where it lists View As: or Sort By: there is another option that reads [ customize view ], click on this.

3. a small menu will appear titled Customize your search, from this menu there is an option on the right titled Advanced Options, click on this.

4. from these options you can now change Sort order in Search and Sort order in Browse by clicking on the down menus and selecting Time: ending soonest; once done click Apply changes, and you're done.

Hope this is of use to anyone, comments are welcome, thank you.

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