Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Free SNOW screensaver

As it's snowing outside today I decided to put together a quick SNOW screensaver.

You can download the installer here
This screen saver is free and will always remain free.

The AM logo is not visible on the screensaver, just the snow.

The screensaver requires the
Flash plug-in to be installed (you will most likely already have this).
This should work with all versions of Windows from 95 and up. I've only tested it using Windows Vista and XP.

To change settings (time before it starts), either go to your start menu and click Control Panel then search for "screensaver"
, or right click on your desktop and select 'Personalise' (in Vista), or I think it's 'Properties' in XP?

To uninstall open your Control Panel and choose 'Uninstall a program' (Vista), or I think it's 'Add/Remove Programs' in XP?

This has only been tested on a 16:10 screen so if you are experiencing problems (like loosing the edge of the background etc.), on a 4:3 screen please let me know and I'll try to fix it.